The following deed transfers were recorded recently at the York County Administrative Center.


935 N. Duke St., N. York: George D. Stough to Terry L. Snelbaker, $36,000.

102 Fading Way, Springetts bury Twp.: American International Relocation Solutions to Stacey L. Jones, $229,000.

102 Fading Way, Springetts bury Twp.: Daniel H., Debra R. Teel to American International Re location Solutions, $229,000.

2748 Lewisberry Road, Man chester Twp.: Lucas A., Kimberly L. Parkes to Mary Beth Fluder, $120,000.

59 E. Ninth Ave., N. York: Erica R., Erica A. Dellinger, Erica R., Erica A., John Dentler to Bar dell Venture Management, $97,250.

141 Locust Grove Road, Springettsbury Twp.: Glenn O., Norman Jean Kline to Corinne K., Allen M. Weaver Jr., $130,000.

656 Crosslyn Drive, Manches ter Twp.: Ridgewall to David J., Kelly L. Carns, $344,778.

3301 Harrowgate Road, Springettsbury Twp.: CR Property Group to Shawn F. Smith, $190,000.

3427 E. Sorrel St., Manchester Twp.: Fox Clearing to John M., Erica R. Dentler, $280,067.

646 Crosslyn Drive, Manches ter Twp.: Ridgewall to John E. Ruppel, Lynn A. Patrone, $339,988.

131 Meade St., N. York: Dan ielle M. Hedgepeth to J&M Home Solutions, $46,400.

1979 Alcott Road, Springetts bury Twp.: Jane K. Robinson to Sean O., Nancy A. Oneill, Sean O., Nancy A. O'Neill, $355,000.

765 Hammond Road, Spring ettsbury Twp.: Kenneth E., Kathy L. Waltman to Bryan S., Jennifer S. Clancy, $123,100.

106 Round Pebble Court, Springettsbury Twp.: Daniel M., Donna L. Weeks to Eric, Elyce Wolfgang, $260,000.

2634 Hummel Drive, Man chester Twp.: Brandywine Woods Holdings, Brandywine Windsor Management to Ridgewall, $65,000.


17 Farmington Lane, Jacobus: Clarence T. Bowen, Sarah G. Cooke to Ronald L. Coburn Jr., $130,000.

2830 Fiesta Drive, York Twp.: Michael L., Jennifer L. Stepp to Mary V. Stanton, $165,000.

158 Leaders Heights Road, York Twp.: Janice K. Gilbert to Shipley Family Limited Part nership, $925,000.

1896 Valley Road, Springfield Twp.: Charles M. Heater III, Sharon P. Heater to Norman R. Will Jr., Larry J.


Zinn, $30,000.

1860-1862 Seven Valley Road, Springfield Twp.: Sharon P., Charles M. Heater III to Norman R. Will Jr., Larry J. Zinn, $50,000.

250-256 Ark Drive, York Twp.: Bradley W., Patricia A. Stratton to James C. Powers, $352,000.

868 Sage Hill Drive, York Twp.: Charter Homes at Sage Hill to Todd J., Brandy M. Meyer, $318,360.

2733 Hunt Club Drive, York Twp.: Douglas M. Kauffman, Kevin P. Harvey to David A., Tiffa ny D. Kramer, $165,000.

2616 Fairway Drive, York Twp.: Ernest R., Harlene R. Weiss to Lisa Morris Reilly, $218,000.


2513 Admore Road, Dover Twp.: Wells Fargo Bank, Option One Mortgage Loan Trust to Douglas G., Lynne K. Seymour, $90,000.

2750 Grandview Ave., Dover Twp.: Scott B., Amy C. Irvin to Heather A. Lawson, $115,000.

Dover Twp.: Timothy L., Juani ta M. Ross to Shaun P. Keller, $138,500.

3794 Fox Chase Drive, Dover Twp.: 500, Five Hundred, Five Zero Zero to Jay P. Dunkes Jr., $87,900.

2080 Poplars Road, Dover Twp.: CR Property Group to Steve, Donna Lehman, $148,995.

3205 W. Canal Road, Dover Twp.: Donna J. Resser, Gary L., Susan D. Alcorn to Christopher L., Leigh S. Moul, $860,000.

309 N. Franklin St., Hanover: Hillside Financial to Jeremy B. Ritz, $69,000.

4071 Pinchtown Road, Dover Twp.: Purdon W. Frey to Ronald L. Coleman, $837,500.

4381 Winchester Drive, Dover Twp.: Fannie Mae, Federal Na tional Mortgage Association to Brian L. Potts, Abbey L., Becker, $119,900.

3815 Kings Lane, Dover Twp.: Maurice Nelson to Patrick R. Heil, $129,390.

121 Cedar Drive, Dover: Peter D., Roanne C. Macewan to Kevin D. Beeken II, Jacquelyn M. Al bright, $185,000.


9 Creekside Drive, E. Pros pect: American Dream Custom Home Builders, Nadu Construc tion, Lancaster Home Builders to Timothy R., ODonnell, Timothy R. O'Donnell, $129,900.

222 W. Market St., Hellam: Vincent, Angela M. Card to Allen L. Stoutzenberger, $133,900.

6163 Lincoln Highway, Hellam Twp.: Edward P., Elizabeth P. Jaeger to Joseph Lee, Betty Ann Swann, $326,500.

535 Boathouse Road, Lower Windsor Twp.: Ronald K., Brenda Lawson to Theresa Marie, Carl A. Hoffman Jr., $550,000.

663 Chimney Rock Road, Hellam Twp.: Charles Lehman to Eric M. Lehman, $203,000.

23 Blunston Lane, Hellam Twp.: Kathleen M., Harry J. Brown Jr., Christine Suzanne MacReady to Gateway Church International, $60,300.

355 Newcomer Road, Lower Windsor Twp.: William H., Brenda Kyger, Delores R. Simms to Claudia B. Alejandres, $58,000.


204 S. Main St., Manchester: LH Real Estate to Kathy L, Ken neth E. Waltman Sr., $135,000.

5 Apache Trail, Newberry: Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Hillside Financial, $50,000.

26 Bryn Way, E. Manchester Twp.: Anthony, Rochelee Moore to David R. Hargis, Heidi M. Wetzel, $149,000.

1140 Bowers Bridge Road, Conewago Twp.: Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Janet, Robert Naylor Sr., $47,500.

61 S. Front St., York Haven: 500, Five Hundred, Five Zero Zero to Thomas M. Strauss, $107,900.

150 Kentwell Drive, Conewago Twp.: Kimberly P. Melvin, Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, $2,305.

130 SiRode Lane, Newberry: Wade E., Brenda F. Wagner, Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Northwest Savings Bank, $2,367.

5 Barbara Lane, Newberry: Debra M. Kerr to Darvin W., Mary Kay Burnside, $135,000.


Lot 12 Evergreen Farms, Mon aghan Twp.: Dennis L. Burd to Jennifer, Louis Vogel III, $125,000.

75 York St., Wellsville: Trusted Property Group to Donald Gunden, D&E Realty, $54,000.

75 York St., Wellsville: David P. Beard to Trusted Property Group, $42,000.

Krone Road, Warrington Twp.: Donald E. Gunden, D&E Realty, Elise A. Gunden to Adams Electric Cooperative, $82,500.

10 W. Harrisburg St., Dills burg: David R., Cynthia A. Schmitt to Brian K. Hilsabeck, $123,900.

1101 Country Line Road, Franklin Twp.: Norma J., William D. Kough Jr. to H. Daniel Beigh III, Lois L. Kaylor, $750,000.


205 Azalea Drive, Windsor Twp.: Willow Creek to Erika, Ian Rosso, $214,758.

805 Thomas Armor Drive, Windsor Twp.: Justin D., Tammy L. Nation to Bardell Venture Man agement, $152,499.

121 S. Main St., Red Lion: Dennis L., Pauline A. Klinedinst to Michael G., Michelle R. Latimer, $85,000.

801 Delta Road, Windsor Twp.: Patricia L., James F. Small II to Salvatore, Rosa Candela, $185,000.

120 Burkholder Road, Windsor Twp.: Eric T., Leea J. Brown to Jesse R. Houseman, $179,900.

35 Dayton Court, Windsor Twp.: John D. Adams Jr. to Christ ie J. Sommer, $218,307.

2223 Delta Road, Chanceford Twp.: Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Corey Condon, $35,000.

524 Crestwood Drive, Windsor Twp.: Donald L., Charlotte R. Bush to Michael A. Flynn, $197,000.

15 Oakwood Drive, Lower Chanceford Twp.: Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Asso ciation to CR Property Group, $80,000.

350 Craley Road, Windsor Twp.: Andrew Mergler to Red Lion Salvage, $276,000.

330 Craley Road, Windsor Twp.: Andrew Mergler to Red Lion Salvage, $50,000.

851 Cape Horn Road, Windsor Twp.: Dale A., Sandra L. Miller to Michael L. Snyder, $188,000.

11784 High Point Road, N. Hopewell Twp.: Prudential Reloca tion to Stone Financing, $349,900.

68 W. Main St., Windsor: Tim othy Price, Eugene Lentz, Curtis Engle, PEL Properties to Power for Freedom Ministries, $250,000.

93 Tomlinson Road, Lower Chanceford Twp.: Collinsville Land Company III, Collinsville Land Co., Strathmeyer Land Co. to Joseph L., Barbara G. Lapp, $620,000.

13386 Spice Lane and Sweitz er Road, N. Hopewell Twp.: Norman Spicer Sr. to John Mi chael McGinnis, Anthony Leroy Hendrix, $215,000.

3770 E. Prospect Road, Wind sor Twp.: Rachel M. Saxe to James P. Colby, $105,000.

5308 Church Road, N. Hope well Twp.: Jimmy D., Gail M. Lowe to Michael L. Billet II, Casey J. Gruver, Michael L., Patricia A. Billet, $129,000.

12416 Blymire Hollow Road, N. Hopewell Twp.: Matthew G., Carole S. Rojahn to Dodi E. Tol bert, $164,900.

560 Thomas Armor Drive, Windsor Twp.: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jeffrey Alan Stauffer, $119,900.


Lot 3 Ryan Lane, Hopewell Twp.: Nancy B., Harold R. Miller Jr. to Aaron E., Holly J. Eaton, $120,000.

Lot 1 Johnson Road, Hopewell Twp.: John S., Norma M. Barton to Paul J., Kathleen Piccone, $210,000.

4458 Dogwood Court, Hope well Twp.: Troy L., Lisa D. Stough to James L., Susan E. Biller, $197,500.

53D High St., Stewartstown: Karen, Travis Fitterling to Gordon Wisnom, $65,000.

7210 Century Farms Road, Cross Roads: Robert J., Judith Smith to Christopher L., Jeri H., Kevin N., Martha C. Miller, $683,594.

78 Quarry Road, Peach Bottom Twp.: US Bank National Association, TBW Mortgage Backed Trust to Premier Invest ments and Equities, $115,017.


20200 Barrens Road S., Hopewell Twp.: Lois M. Hammond to Nancy B., Harold R. Miller Jr., $650,000.

Lot 6 Grave Run Road, Man heim Twp.: Daniel L., Linda L. Rodgers to Robert Lorenz, Rose Marie Boysen, $215,000.

4198 Skyview Drive, Manheim Twp.: Sean H., Kristen G. Wolfe, Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Aames Mortgage Investment Trust, $2,132.

323 Joshua Court, W. Man heim Twp.: High Pointe to Royal Building, $65,000.

335 Joshua Court, W. Man heim Twp.: High Pointe to Keith E., Heather J. Rohrbaugh, $270,775.


32 S. Fourth St., New Free dom: Fox Clearing to Mars U Wu, $359,382.

45 S. Fourth St., New Free dom: Fox Clearing to Jennifer L. Fullem, $303,265.

16845 Roosevelt Lane, Shrewsbury Twp.: Jerome F., Della M. Rott to Jason A. Cimino, $185,000.

42 S. Fourth St., New Free dom: Fox Clearing to Kevin M., Harriett L. Stanley, Philip G., Joyce J. Scott, $356,436.

39 Hanover St., Glen Rock: Housing and Urban Development to Lorene M. Walker, $32,000.

9 Lexington Drive, Shrews bury: Jean B. Lake to George Mi chael, Anne Catherine Almiroudis, $173,500.


1.97 acre tract Schoolhouse Road, Paradise Twp.: Jeffrey M., Elana Vogel to Keith A., :Susan A. Smith, $53,500.

5180 Commerce Drive, Jack son Twp.: Bradford J., Margaret R. Ream to Safety Properties, $735,000.

123 Lester Ave., Jackson Twp.: Paul E., Anita M. Macek, Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Wells Fargo Bank, Option One Mortgage Loan Trust, $2,389.

185 Quartz Ridge Drive, Jack son Twp.: Jackson Heights, Joseph A. Myers Land Investor, JA Myers Building and Devel opment, JA Myers Homes to Jon athan M., Amanda Kilmer, $199,000.

6800 Cannery Court, Heidel berg Twp.: Fulton Bank to Robert M. Strausbaugh, Tina L. Powell, $20,000.


750 Maple Shade Drive, Fair view Twp.: H. Kenneth, Margaret Myhre to Scott T., Jamie N. Mar akovits, $59,900.

106 Lewisberry Road, Fairview Twp.: Rachel L., David D. Bowser Jr. to William E., Conceicao A. Myers, $139,000.

106 Lewisberry Road, Fairview Twp.: Richard W. Ferretti to Rachel L., David D. Bowser Jr., $125,000.

175 Ridge Road, Newberry 1st: Wayne Kline to Deborah M. Burrow, $194,900.

Pinetown Road, Fairview Twp.: Ann G., Harry H. Fox Jr. to Christopher F. Stremmell, $174,900.

105 Red Haven Road, Fair view Twp.: James J., Donna E. Harrington to Frank, Debra I. Per tschi, $225,000.

530 Sandpiper Lane, Fairview Twp.: Jackie L., Tracy A. Burton to Jason, Jessica Lloyd, $213,000.

2785 Grandview Drive, New berry 1st: Jeffrey C., Taryne L. Ar bogast to Michael A. Hahn Jr., $155,000.

113 Fairview Drive, Fairview Twp.: Esther E. Prowell to Michael J. Youse, $156,000.

275 Culhane Road, Newberry 1st: Betty M. Swenson to Cheryl Dainty, $210,000.


2320 Loucks Road, W. Man chester Twp.: Janet E. Halterman to Harry, Trudy J. Maul, $118,000.

1159 Margaret St., W. Man chester Twp.: Rehab Vault to Curtis L. Pegg, $33,000.

1159 Margaret St., W. Man chester Twp.: Lamont J. Kane to Rehab Vault, $25,000.

2581 Sunset Lane, W. Man chester Twp.: Nora May Williams to Dora C. McManus, $130,000.

375 N. Scott St., W. Manches ter Twp.: David A., Margaret W. Klinedinst to Ohidul Alam, $95,000.

3041 Lark Drive, W. Manches ter Twp.: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rackensar Investment Group, $47,000.


823 Cleveland Ave.: Patrick Wetzler to Robert Martell, $33,000.

906 Clayton Ave.: Lottie H. Kimmel to Gary L., Paulette E. Poe, $15,200.

326 Warren St.: Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Asso ciation to Joseph D. Yeatts, $32,000.

511 E. Walnut St.: Russell Kenny to Austin Shenk, $10,000.

570 Company St: Haines En terprise, Kelly McGhin to Tammy Haley, $10,000.

529 E. Walnut St.: Robert T., Tina M. Berry to Janna Lou Baker, $45,000.

206 N. Hartman St.: James R. Kreeger to Tammy I. Pope, $41,500.

636 S. Queen St.: In-Fu Yeh to Ray Abboud, Chong Su Kim, $3,000.

217 Irving Road: Philip M. Harman, Sarah J., Michael E. Myers to Orp Properties, $16,000.

673 E. Wallace St.: Citimort gage to Anis Uddin Sake, Sanjita Alam, $20,500.

342 S. Duke St.: Housing and Urban Development to Julio Marti nez Ocasio, Dominga Jemenez Gomez, $7,000.

536 W. Philadelphia St.: Bell Line Investments, John H. Camp bell, Rickie Schnetzka to York Rentals, $32,500.

33 N. Franklin St.: Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to 500, Five Hundred, Five Zero Zero, $13,000.

731 E. Wallace St.: Jacque A. Frye to William E. Crenshaw Jr., $36,900.

936 W. Locust St.: Edward C., Mary E. Sloat to Hart Family Farms, $70,000.

928 W. Locust St.: Trusted Property Group to Scott E., Diana C. Rohrbaugh, $24,500.

805 Pennsylvania Ave.: Hous ing and Urban Development to Daniel Leigh Blackburn, Sandra Lee Jenkins, $25,800.

284 W. Maple St.: York City to Clarence E. Price, $50,000.


1333 Fieldbrook Circle, Spring Garden Twp.: Janet Strausbaugh to Harry V., Shirley F. Sigley, $287,000.

2453 Bradford Drive, Spring ettsbury Independent: Steven H. Schiding to Pearl E. Miller, $159,900.

1256 E. Prospect St., Spring Garden Twp.: Melaney E., Charles A. Fantom III to Luke Hursh, $145,000.

2632 Eastwood Drive, Spring ettsbury Independent: Evelyn R. Rauenbuhler, Bernard F., Linda R. Haley to Kathleen A. Bedoni, $129,900.

1548 Old Farm Lane, Spring Garden Twp.: Ann Johnston, Donald B. Dellinger III to Annema rie Webb, $115,000.

603 S. Yale St., Spring Garden Twp.: Garnette H. Hughes to Jeanette Oropeza, $109,000.

700 Cortleigh Drive, Spring ettsbury Independent: Harry S., June T., Lois J. Dusman to Lyuvov F., Inna A. Panchenko, $158,000.